College Student Bonus Cash

1. What is the Ford Drives U Rebate?

The Ford Drive U Rebate is for current college or trade school students. It is also alumni who have graduated within the last 3 years. Eligible students/graduate can receive a $500 Bonus Cash certificate that can be used towards a the purchase or lease of an eligible new 2018/2019 Ford vehicle.

2. Who is eligible for the Ford Drives U Rebate?

Many current students and recent graduates are eligible for the Ford Drives U Rebate. Check the list below to see if you qualify.

        - Active College/Trade School Students who are enrolled full-time or half-time based on the specifications of an accredited four year college/university, junior college, community college, or trade school that the student is attending.
        - Active Graduate Students who are currently enrolled based on the specifications of an accredited graduate program
        - Recent College Graduates who have graduated from college in the last 3 years.
        - High School Seniors or Recent High School Graduates with a litter of intent to attend a qualifying university. The student must have completed all requirements for graduation to qualify using an anticipated or future graduation date, and can provide a letter of intent to attend a qualified university. 
        - College Student Internships Participants, Trade School Apprenticeships and Medical School Residencies now qualify with the following restrictions: Student has attended or will attend college classes again between May 1, 2015 and January 2, 2019 

3. I don't see me on the list, do I qualify?

The following student categories are considered INELIGIBLE for the Ford Drives U discount:

        - Students enrolled less than half time based on the specifications of an accredited College/University/Trade School
        - One-Course completion certificates
        - On-the-job training courses (i.e. sales training, teaching certificates, professional designations, and adult education courses)
        - English as a second language courses do not qualify. 

4. What do I need in order to get the $500 discount?
Proof of Full-Time or Half Time enrollment status based on the specifications of an accredited Four-Year College/University, Junior College, Community College, or Trade School OR If you happen to be between terms (i.e. summer vacation) or you are a recent high school graduate entering your first term of college in the fall, proof of prior or future term enrollment is okay. 

Some examples of eligible documentation include, but are not limited to the following:

- Copy of College/University Diploma
- Copy of Final Transcript
- Letter from the College/University/Trade School Registar's office stating conferred graduation date and type of degree earned
- Dated letter of intent confirming enrollment - valid for no more than 6 months
- Current Class Schedule

-- Please note, the student's full name and school name must be listed as an original part of the provided documentation.

5. I have my required documents for the Ford College Student Discount, what do I do now?

You're almost done! Go to ID.ME and create an account. Once you have your account, go over to your ID.ME wallet and select Student ID. Follow the prompts to activate your wallet. Once your Student ID is activated, head over to Ford Drives U and fill out the required information

6. I can't figure out how to activate my reward, what do I do now?

Your not alone! Our internet manager would be more than happy to go through the reward activation process. Call Tori at 810-637-2326 or stop by with your Proof of Eligibility to get started

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